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Best restaurants for vegans in Kingston

By Leah Kellman Jan 25, 2023
Three square buildings, two are brown and bricked, but the middle one is slightly smaller and it is bright blueOutside of Riverside Vegetaria. Credit: Leah Kellman

Riverside Vegetaria

This local vegan restaurant has been in business for nearly 33 years has some of the best dishes to offer Kingston residents.  

The owner, Ritchie Sakthivel whose Sri Lankan background, as well as African and Caribbean influences, has inspired some exquisite dishes such as one of their most popular, Masala Dosai.  

It is a crispy pancake filled with hot spicy potatoes served with a colourful salad palette and curry inspired dips. 

Sakthivel was a finalist for Kingston Borough Business Award in 2021 in the food and beverage category. 

Comptoir Libanais 

There are lots of small green chairs around a big orange parasol in the middle of the image.
Outside the Comptoir Libanais. Credit: Leah Kellman

This Lebanese restaurant located along Riverside Walk has a variety of vegan options on offer. 

This chain has branches scattered across London noted for their colourful attractive décor and melt in your mouth dishes. 

A stand facing frontwards with an orange background with white lettering saying 'three reasons to give veganuary a go'.
The restaurant promoting Veganuary. Credit: Leah Kellman

The mezze platter is the perfect starter with creamy hummus, warm flatbread and pickles.  

The Orange Blossom Mouhalabia is a traditional Lebanese milk pudding with seeds, dates and figs and is an absolute must.  

Busaba Kingston Riverside 

A small brown building with white lettering that has the brands name 'Busaba' and 'Thai dining'. On the right hand side of the image there is an entrance with lots of greenery and red and white flowers. On the left hand side there is a tall light brown tree with no leaves, but there is fairy lights around it.
Outside the Busaba restaurant. Credit: Leah Kellman

Also located along the Riverside walk, Busaba is a Thai inspired restaurant with enticing vegan options. 

Their various cuisines offer curries, soyamari and the Busaba bowls such as the Pad Thai Jay.

By Leah Kellman

Role: Features editor

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