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Kingston student offers her vegan favourites

By Nancy Lama Jan 25, 2023
Credit: Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

Hannah Morris, a third year student at KU, started her vegan journey four years ago in college, after being inspired by an art project about the meat industry.

Prior to being vegan, Hannah followed a vegetarian diet for five years but decided to pursue veganism.

If you are thining of trying it, she has some of her favourite dishes and suggestions to offer.


Berry oat pancakes on a plate
Berry oat pancakes. Credit: Hannah Morris

Berry oat pancakes

When she first started her vegan journey Hannah said: “It was quite grim.”

She explained that it was due to the fact that she didn’t know how to cook vegan foods but she soon found things she loved.


Vegan mac and cheese bites
Vegan mac and cheese bites. Credit: Hannah Morris

Vegan mac and cheese bites

Tofu was hard to cook for her to cook at first with its soft and fragile texture, she wasn’t used to it and would often end up with tofu mush.

But now tofu is one of her favourites and she frequently uses it for her dishes.

“Once you know how to season the food well, it all tastes good.” she said.

Two different flavour vegan sorbets in cones
Vegan sorbet. Credit: Hannah Morris

Vegan sorbet

Hannah loves Veganuary: “It’s quite exciting as everywhere turns into this vegan heaven.”

many restaurants have vegan options and with Wagamama known for its 50% plant-based menu, Hannah said she wants to try their new Veganuary dish the vegan ‘chicken’ kare lomen.


Vegan Kebab from Bills with a salad and naan bread
Vegan kebab from Bills. Credit: Hannah Morris

As Veganuary comes to an end and many people go back to eating meat, perhaps some of Hannah’s favourites might inspire you to continue the habit.

By Nancy Lama

Picture Editor

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