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Brunel University deliver a beating to KU women’s lacrosse

By Chanelle Field Oct 25, 2016
Captain Synne Johnsson scored the last goal of the match Photo credit: Chanelle Field

KU’s women’s lacrosse team suffered a second considerable defeat, being beaten 23-6 by Brunel University on Wednesday. They previously lost 18-6 to Chichester University, two weeks ago.

The first quarter was awash with injuries. Minutes into the start of play Kingston defender, Tess Edwards, took a blow to the eye from a Brunel attacker that removed her from play. Kingston centre Lauren Hill, injured her ankle, whilst a Brunel attack wing also took a heavy tumble.

The Brulax ladies, who won their last match 14-11 against Brighton University, set the bar high scoring within the second minute of play and repeated this feat two minutes later. Cougar attack Emily Lathum fought hard against strong defence for a brace which compensated for a lost penalty early on, but Brunel put away another four goals.

Brunel dominated the second quarter, setting a fast pace. Brunel’s number 7 was a powerhouse who rarely passed – instead she tactically sprinted down the pitch from the center-half to the goal using confident dodges and with such speed that the Cougars struggled to move to the arc quick enough to mark up. Although the Kingston goalie Aslihan Gulen managed to save two goals with her body from the Brunel 7, she was unable to stop her from earning a double hat-trick and the odds were against Kingston whilst defender Marte Fjell was given a yellow card and benched for two minutes for a foul.

Emily Lathum scored two hard fought goals for Kingston, aided by Synne Johnsson but Brunel scored an additional four, ending the second half 14-3 to Brunel.

The Cougars made up for their lacklustre performance going into the second half by ramping up both the defence and attack with mid-defence, Sasha Boyko, and captain, Synne Johnsson, swinging possession back. There were some great saves by the Kingston goalkeeper, however she was unable to stop Brunel from scoring another four goals. After Emily Lathum put another goal away for the Cougars, the score was a dismal 18-4 to Brunel.

Brunel scored early into the final quarter with a second a minute later. There was some great defending from Marte Fjell in the goal arc but the Cougars kept losing possession. After two goals from Brunel two minutes apart Lauren Hill and Sasha Boyko set Emily Lathum up to score a goal for Kingston, which Brunel matched just sixty seconds later.

Synne Johnsson worked hard to secure the last goal of the match, gaining possession outside the Kingston goal she sprinted up through the center and past the restraining line where Brunel’s 7 crossed sticks with her causing her to drop the ball. The referee called the foul and Johnsson continued on towards the goal but was dogged by very strong defence. She passed to Lathum but the ball was knocked from Lathum’s stick whilst attempting a goal shot. Johnsson gained possession from a ground pass from Lathum but Brunel players blocked the shot and Johnsson was awarded a penalty from the fan. Brunel played some strong defence but it was not enough to stop Johnsson from putting the ball past the goalie and number 18 to score.

“It was a great game, well fought by all the girls,” said vice-captain, Lauren Hill.

“There was a huge improvement in communication and I am so proud of all those who played and came to support.”

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