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Clothes swapping couture

By Charlotte Hanson Nov 17, 2015
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An exciting clothes swapping event is set to take place next month to help students save money.

‘The Money Movement’, a group of Money Connectors who assist with finances, will host the ‘shwapping’ event on November 18 from 12pm to 3pm in the PRJG courtyard, where students can revamp or swap their old clothes and showcase their creations on a mini catwalk.

Masoodeh Safi, from the student engagement and enrichment office (SEE), said: “We are going to have a mini catwalk and we ask students to donate clothes that they don’t need.”

Masoodeh said that students can exchange all of their unwanted clothes, jewellery and shoes but the items need to be clean and in a good condition.

She also said all participating models can get their makeup done by a professional make-up artist.

The third year student is in charge of the KU Money Tree Facebook and Twitter page where she posts regular deals on products.

KU Money Tree
KU Money Tree

During welcome week, SEE carried out an activity where freshers were given plain t-shirts to decorate. This showed them that they can cut costs by being creative.

Masoodeh said that although the clothes event is the main attraction, there will be visitors from the England Illegal Money Leading Team and JobCentral to talk to students.

There will be fun competitions, discounts and freebies, so there is a lot to see and do on the day.

Please make sure to drop off your donations to the Student Engagement Office in PRJG0004, it is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

If you want the chance to model send an email to:

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