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Collision car crash outside Penrhyn road campus

By Harriet King Nov 10, 2015

A Toyota and Volkswagen had a side on collision at 3pm this afternoon, outside Surrey County Hall.

crash 3

Both cars were damaged from the front and the airbags had been deployed in the Volkswagen.

Third year dance and english language and communication student, Robyn Wallace, witnessed the crash: “I was walking along Penrhyn Road when I heard a loud bang. I turned around and saw that the Toyota had pulled out the side road and into the car driving in the left hand lane.

“I then saw the Volkswagen being pushed towards the lamp post outside county hall with quite a force, the driver looked hurt. However, the other driver of the Toyota was not hurt – he drove to the bus lane then got out of the car.”

crash 4

The police have yet to comment on the incident.

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