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Are virgins more sexually liberated?

By River Reporter Oct 25, 2012

You may feel empowered and perhaps relieved that your cherry, to put it bluntly, has already been popped.

But let’s really think about this, how liberated are you really?

You wouldn’t find me opening up about my darkest sexual fantasies to my friends.

Who are we kidding? We have all told the odd fib about how often we have sex, and in all honesty we have all faked an orgasm or two I am sure.

So, perhaps we are not the liberated ones at all. Perhaps it is the virgins that have the edge.

They are certainly free from the unachievable expectations, fabricated by the ever-growing online porn industry.

Virgins are also liberated from the competitive bravado among women to be a sensual goddess in the bedroom.

Let’s admit it, sometimes all we really want to do is snuggle down with an episode of Downton Abbey in your favourite onesie and get an early night.

Good sex is all about confidence and who says virgins don’t have that? So don’t be ashamed of your virginity, hold onto it tightly and when the time comes you’ll be laughing at those poor souls who lost it behind the bike shed aged 13.

The irony is that where some are too scared to have sex, the rest of us are too scared not to.

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