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Middle-aged women: Put a cardigan on

By River Reporter Mar 5, 2013

As International Women’s Day is here we ask whether older women should wear dresses that reveal too much.

Anna Stayduhar

After the Oscars many red carpet audiences gazed at ample celebrity breasts plunging, dangling and nearly collapsing from age-inappropriate gowns.

Apparently society has changed its view and tolerates mature women being bold enough to try and pull off such risky outfits. As the saying goes, “mutton should never wear lamb” and I’m afraid I would have to agree.

In my opinion it is a careless mistake for mature celebrities to allow their breasts to all hang out. It is a recipe for wardrobe malfunctions and they will only go down in red carpet fashion history for being the lady with a hideous gown too small to hold her breasts let alone support them properly.

 Ill-fitting clothes are one of my pet peeves so when it comes to an event watched by the millions, these mature celebrity’s should try to get it right and be tasteful.  Women should wear the dress and not let the dress wear them. You are only as classy and glamorous as your last appearance so you are allowing yourself to be the butt of jokes rather than setting a positive image for self-dignity.  

As International Women’s Day is here, it prompts the debate of whether older women should be eager to show off their flesh. What is age appropriate and what is just too obscene?

First of all, I’m sure many people would find it a distraction to see a woman revealing too much on the red carpet especially when it is someone a little more mature who may have some trouble keeping it all together.

 Let’s face it, women at some point have kids so their bosoms are not as perky and gravity defiantly pulls them down a bit.  In those instances, the camera focuses on only one thing, her revealing curves.

If I was a mature celebrity, I would never feel the urge to complete with younger actresses wearing daring gowns. I would rather concentrate on what works for me and my body type.

Perhaps I am modest in nature but I still wouldn’t want to convey the wrong message. I’m not saying I would dress like a granny in matriarch styles but I certainly would be worried whether my dress was going to fall down due to the lack of bust support.

 Not everyone is made to pull off these strapless numbers but it doesn’t mean they still can’t be sexy in other styles. At that age, let your natural beauty come through… not your lunging breasts.

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