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TOWIE make or break for Mario and Lucy

By River Reporter Oct 11, 2012

Our TOWIE correspondent Amy Rosoman gives the lowdown on the latest happenings in Essex.

Amy Rosoman

The Only Way is Essex delivers more giggles, glamour and game in episode four, series seven.

Tom from McFly makes a suprise appearance, it is Essex Fashion Week, the union of team ‘Save Kenny’, Chloe and Diags take a trip to a farm, and the tension builds for Mario and Lucy’s engagement.

Kirk and Joey attempt to play golf, but end up talking about Kirk finding a natural girl, the one (although he may pay for a boob job if she needs it).

Lauren Pope and Danni talk about the tiff with Charlie, before Mick walks in and talks to Lauren about Kirk, however Lauren feels it would be too risky to go there again.

At Essex Fashion Week, Jess gets to model and, at last, Cara, Billi and Jess kiss and make-up.

Meanwhile, Bobby and Gemma quote singer Cher while they chat about their postive decision to move on.

Lydia and Tom K are fed up with Arg meddling in their lives. Tom K suggests Lyida speaks with Arg, which ends up in tears as Lydia tells Arg she has moved on and is happier than ever.

Charlie and Little Chris talk about Danni and how Charlie feels she has made him out to seem like a “sex predator”.

Mario seeks advice from best man Little Chris, and brother-in-law Tom from McFly, as he feels Lucy has no excitement for the wedding and is making too many changes (she only dyed her hair Mario).

Joey, Diags, Tom P and Arg plot the ‘Save Kenny’ mission to retrieve Arg’s ‘Kenny Award’ and Playstation from Gemma’s flat. Diags plays the romantic as he cheers up a recently upset Chloe. He takes her to a farm to see sheep, rabbits and llamas, which she loved even if her heels did get a bit mucky.

Joey takes the ‘Save Kenny’ mission into his own hands when he tags along with Sam for a girls night at Gemma’s. Joey snoops around (getting as far as big bras in the bathroom) and the girls quickly realise Joey’s real intentions, and so Gemma hands over the ‘Kenny Award’ for Arg.

Mario and Lucy come to blows in a restaurant as Mario says he does not want to be engaged if she is not ready. Yet Lucy assures Mario she loves him but is just unsure if she can trust. Mario walks out and Lucy is left convinced that bad man Mario has been texting girls again.

Catch the next TOWIE episode on Sunday October 14 at 10pm on ITV2.

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