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TOWIE tears and tantrums in episode three

By River Reporter Oct 8, 2012

Lucy gives everyone a shock, sisters Sam and Billie create a TOWIE netball team, and Danni faces Charlie’s pressure, as well as Bobby’s drama queen behaviour.

Lucy surprises everyone when she goes blonde, including Mario who does not know how to react. Kirk’s effort to cook for his dad, Mick, results in a chinese takeaway. Poor Chloe tells Gemma and Frankie about her on/off man, and that not only does he have a life with another woman, but Chloe has a tattoo of his name.

Meanwhile, Debbie opens up to Tom Kilbey. She hopes he feels part of the family despite Arg’s pestering. Billie and Sam decide to ring some of the Essex girls in hope of making a netball team, even Nanny Pat gets involved. Mick takes it in his stride to talk about Kirk’s past flame Lauren Pope, but after Kirk and Lauren’s unpleasant run in last week, Kirk just wants to focus on work (and maybe a bird at some point).

Yet, as in every episode, the TOWIE gang have their digs and arguments. Little Chris and Charlie talk about Danni’s letter to Charlie and the need for intimacy in a relationship (we all know you mean sex Charlie). An upset Danni is left crying when Charlie admits he won’t wait around if someone else comes along. Lydia cannot believe Charlie’s behaviour and comforts Danni, telling her men are all the same (apart from her man).

Tom Kilbey tells Mario that Arg continues to text Lydia, and a night in Sugar Hut results in Arg’s jumper ripping when Arg and Tom have a scrap. Even Joey is stirring as he tells Arg that Lydia still loves him (no she does not Joey). Not only has Danni had an awful night because of Charlie giving her the elbow, Bobby goes for round two with Danni and it soon becomes a screaming match.

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