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TOWIE Not so Jokey Joey

By River Reporter Oct 25, 2012

Episode eight already? Amy Rosoman talks TOWIE.

Amy Rosoman

Last night’s episode eight, series seven of The Only Way Is Essex gave viewer’s heartache as a crying Joey poured out his heart out to the boys. Gemma leaves Arg soppy voicemails, Bobby goes to a hypnotherapist, we meet Little Chris’ lady for the first time and now it is Ricky and Jess who face relationship drama.

Arg cannot believe that Gemma turned him down the other night and Diags tells Arg to cut his losses, settle for Gemma and to stop trying to kiss the first girl he meets every night out. Mario pops to see his mum for some relationship advice and she tells him straight to stop misbehaving and to respect Lucy. Surprisingly for a change Mario agrees and says he wants Lucy to trust him again.

Mick and Kirk have a manly heart-to-heart as Mick is feeling down from the problems and attention Gemma and others are stirring in Mick’s business and the Sugar Hut Honeys. Meanwhile, Bobby goes to a hypnotherapist to completely get over Charlie and he phones Gemma because of the success and she thinks she should give hypnotherapy a go for her food addiction.

Nanny Pat and Carol chat about their concern for Jess and how she is too mature for her boyfriend Ricky. Jess bursts in to tears talking to Lucy about her problems Jess and Ricky are going through, after a meal with Little Chris, his new bird, Mario, Ricky and Lucy.

Arg, Diags and Joey all go to Adventure Island for a singing gig Arg is performing at and the crowd goes wild when Arg shouts for himself and Joey to sing a bit of Justin Bieber. Deluded as ever, Arg says he reckons he is a mix of Michal Buble, Michael Jackson and One Direction….

Debbie arranges a fun night of drinks and bingo to raise awareness for breast cancer month. Yet giggles are cut short when Danni and Bobby have yet another row and both storm out, leaving the rest of the party laughing at them.

Danni visits Mick and is given an official job role to help look after and promote the Sugar Hut Honeys. Bobby talks to Charlie about Danni and perhaps talking to her and agreeing to be civil would be the best way to move forward.

Jess opens up to sisters Sam and Billie about her ups and downs with Ricky and how she feels a burden. The girls head out for a netball team meal and talk to Lucy about not being engaged anymore and Lucy openly says she is happier than ever and does not even know if she ever wants to get married.

Diags and Arg chat about Gemma and how since Diags spoke to Gemma about Arg still having feelings for her, she has been leaving Arg cringing voicemails, singing down the phone to him.

Mario decides to make a gesture to Lucy and steals her away blindfolded from the girls meal to take her ice-skating, just the two of them on the rink and gives her a brand new pair of designer shoes. He even says that if he had no money it would not matter as all he needs is her.

Ricky and Jess are left talking in the restaurant after the netball team meal and both admit they want different things, Jess ends up crying and running to the toilets and Ricky leaves, is that really the end for them?

Joey opens up to the boys about his problems with Sam again, but ends up crying and not knowing what to do (all we want to do is hug Joey).

Catch the next episode of TOWIE, Sunday October 28, 10pm on ITV2.

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