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What can we learn from Margaret Thatcher?

By River Reporter Apr 8, 2013

She was the Tory leader made out of iron – more than you can say about Cameron.

Ben Stevens

Upon the recent death of Margaret Thatcher it is said that the nation is divided once more. I am however yet to hear of any form of remorse for her death, let alone anything positive about her life and career. The general consensus seems to be, as it ever was, that she was the Devil’s unattractive aunty.

Now, like most students I am not nor have I ever been pro-tory, neither do I in any way deny that her policies were solely responsible for destroying the livelihoods of thousands of people. I do however believe she deserves recognition as a politician and as a public figure.

Deserved her title

Like most of the country I do not agree with many of the policies she implemented, but I certainly respect her for standing by them amidst the public bombardment that ensued. For better or for worse she deserved her title the ‘iron lady’.

I also believe politicians of today could learn a valuable lesson from their female predecessor. She worked her way up the ranks and became Prime Minister in a climate similar to the one we are in today. Mass social unrest and discontent with the government, deep rooted economic problems which seem all but hopeless, not to mention the crippling level of unemployment that has dominated the headlines.

Radical change

However unlike the politicians of today, she implemented radical change in an attempt to bring us out of the dismal situation and stuck by it regardless of the amount of support she lost doing so. Today’s coalition, despite the similar socio-economic climate, is the crumbling chalk to Maggie’s iron cheese.

“To those waiting with bated breath for that favourite media catch phrase, the U-turn, I have only one thing to say. You turn if you want to… the lady’s not for turning.” Compare this defining quote with the somewhat humorous statistic that since coming to power in 2010, the coalition has made 37 U-turns, roughly one a month. David Cameron, the memory foam man.

Need a strong leader

It seems with the slightest sign of discontent from the public, the coalition simply cannot bear to follow through with whatever they have planned. I am in no way suggesting what we need is to privatise what remaining state owned companies are left and invade the Falklands. I am suggesting that we need a strong leader to get us through this increasingly tough time. Someone who is more concerned with fixing the many problems with this country than his, or indeed her own popularity.

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