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Do you MIND running?

By River Reporter Nov 22, 2013

Richmond run on Sunday

A second year has raised the bar for student campaigns following a month-long awareness initiative for mental health charity, MIND, which concludes on Sunday with a seven-mile run.

Pharmacy student, Shahmina Begum, whose mother suffers from schizophrenia, hopes to challenge the public’s negative perception of mental health patients but admitted the pressure of running the campaign was mounting.

She said: “The worse thing is, you’re doing a mental health campaign and you’re stressed yourself. It’s so stressful organising it. I want it to be successful and for people to remember it and not hurt people’s feelings.”

Vice-President Student Life, Lizzie Carse, said she had no need to worry. “Shahmina’s mental health campaign has been absolutely fantastic, and unlike any we’ve seen before at KU.

“She’s been incredibly well organised, and put in a lot of effort and hard work which I believe has made her work the success that it is.”

For better mental health

Shahmina and other members of the Pharmacy society, to which she is president, have put together a different fundraisers each week including a cupcake sale, a samosa sale and henna tattoo stall.

So far, donations to the charity are at nearly £500, with a lot more expected following the seven mile run in Richmond Park on the 24th.

Participants must raise a minimum of £20, and with 35 people already signed up the event will ensure her campaign is a winning success.

Give a helping hand

Shahmina said: “I’ve always been fascinated by mental health cause my mums a mental health sufferer so I’ve grown up with it and I know what it’s like."

Last week the campaign held a conference with an expert in mental health to raise awareness for students suffering from mental health problems.

Shahmina added an extra incentive for societies to enter the sponsored run with a £65 cash prize to the society that raises the most money.



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