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Diary of a self-isolate: Week one

By Bex Eastwell Oct 25, 2020
Illustration of the 'Diary of a Self-Isolate' with a 'Week One' post it note.Diary of a Self Isolate / Illustrated by Rebecca Eastwell
Illustration of the 'Diary of a Self-Isolate' with a 'Week One' post it note.
Illustrations by Rebecca Eastwell

Day One: Friday

Today I found out I needed to self-isolate. No more work, no more in-person classes, no more responsibilities!

Very quickly, I realised that the world had adapted in the last few months. I could work online, I could attend lectures online, I could hand in assignments online.

Other than my physical location, my life was unchanged. I reached for a bottle of liqueur.

A bottle of Irish Cream liqueur.
Me as I reached for the bottle of alcohol. Illustration by Rebecca Eastwell

Day two: Saturday

While I was making food in the evening, a frozen roast chicken dinne, a ready meal, I stepped outside to have a cigarette. About halfway through my lung cancer stick, I made eye contact with a bird.

I have no idea what kind of bird it was, but it was one I had never seen before. I began to talk to the bird, holding as still as possible so as not to frighten it. I told it how pretty it was and then I began to think about the avian hierarchy.

I wondered if the bird had any family. If it was appreciated at all by the other birds. Then I stubbed out my cigarette and went to check on my roast.

An illustration of a bird sitting on a brick wall.
The bird I saw on my garden wall. Illustration by Rebecca Eastwell

Day three: Sunday

For me, the Sabbath is the Lord’s day. So, I spent the day ‘attending’ two live-streamed church services and doing a Bible study on the crucifixion.

I also ordered a McDonald’s because Uber Eats are doing a free delivery deal with them right now. I tried the McChicken BLT, it was incredible.

Maybe good enough to be my go-to order while it lasts.

Illustration of a McDonald's McChicken BLT
The McChicken BLT I wolfed down. Illustration by Rebecca Eastwell

Day four: Monday

A bee landed on my arm today. He sat there for a few minutes but didn’t sting me. I think I made a new friend.

An illustration of a bee on an arm
My new friend. Illustration by Rebecca Eastwell

Day five: Tuesday

A full day of online classes today. I broke these up by spending some time sitting on the roof, smoking and listening to music.

Day six: Wednesday

I had nothing planned for today so I slept in. This afternoon I was given some work from my job to complete.

I made scrambled eggs in the microwave at 1:30am.

Day seven: Thursday

Brain cannot function. Too much reading. Too much work. Send help… Just kidding, I’ll be fine!

To be continued…

If you are struggling in isolation, help and support is available via Kingston University’s Wellbeing services. Or you can contact Samaritans at any time on 116 123.

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