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Dirty dissertations, my DIY dildo’s and nan’s vibe

By Alice Bradley Nov 29, 2017
Frankie spinning her wooden dildo, adding texture and curves to the sex toy. PHOTO: Frankie Price

A third year graphic design student at Kingston University has ditched all modesty to follow her desire to develop and design innovative sex toys.

Frankie Price, 21, looks into the materials, design and form of the toys as well as their packaging.

Price said: “I know it’s an area of design I want to explore further, so I thought what better way than to make them yourself.

“I researched what materials they were commonly made from, like silicon and then went completely in the opposite direction and made some that would be completely unfeasible, making concrete dildo’s, wood, glass, ceramics. It was all to experiment with form.

“I never actually used any of them, they were just prototypes. I just went from research to testing materials, to 3D printing to then experimenting with the structure and making a working prototypes.”

With the support from her parents, Price is keen to explore her passion for pleasurable toys in more detail through her hobby and degree.

The KU student said that her design practice excites her most when things are controversial and sex related.

Price said: “My dissertation title focuses on erotic design and its influence on what is considered normal sex in today’s Western society.

“I am looking into the history of sex toys, how technology, social media and the media have affected the evolution of pleasure aids and how far these advances will take us in the future.”

The graphic design student explained that her upbringing has led her to live a life free from any sexual inhibitions.

Price said: “My mum and nan have always been open about sex. I went shopping with my mum two years ago to help buy my nan a vibrator for her birthday. Nothing is taboo in my house, we walk around naked all time too.”

She was first introduced to sex toys by her first boyfriend as a teenager and gradually started to become interested in using different toys.

Price said: “We started with a small vibrator and moved onto plugs and beads and realised we both had a whale of a time so decided to move onto couple toys.”

Price could see a future working with sex toys, admitting she would love to work for sex toy and luxury lingerie company, Coco De Mer.

As Price is currently in a relationship with someone who does not study at the same university, she explained how modern technology has enabled them to still fulfil their sexual urges as a couple.

“We invested in a We-Vibe [couple’s sex toy] and we are able to play with each other while we are at different universities because of the app. It’s absolutely smashing, I would definitely recommend it.”

Price added: “The best toy I ever made was definitely my bouncy ball beads. This was when I first started my sex toy project and I set myself the challenge to experiment with household items. I literally just put bouncy rubber balls into a condom and tied them off. I trialled it as well and it was superb! I am definitely onto something there.”

Price stated that her sex toy mantra is all about communication.

“Good sex comes from telling people what you like, what you don’t and ask your partner. It could get pretty awkward if you don’t know these things and you start incorporating toys into the mix.

“Also don’t be selfish. I think the best attitude to have, going into sex is ‘right I need to rock this person’s world.’

‘If they’re having a good time, you will too.”

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