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Disappointment as coronavirus restrictions hit volleyball society

By Bex Eastwell Oct 5, 2020
The team in earlier times: Liam Omnou

“Everyone involved with the club… [is] extremely disappointed that we can’t train anymore.”

Liam Omnou

Volleyball society president, Liam Omnou, has spoken out about the changes to the volleyball society because of the ongoing Coronavirus safety measures.

After Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s address on September 22, only six people can legally meet in any location to limit social gatherings and aid in the fight against the pandemic.

Omnou, a computer science student at the university, said: “The most recent changes restricted indoor sports to six people, so the university decided to postpone all indoor training until further notice.”

Omnou was very passionate about the restrictions, understanding that it was to ensure everyone’s safety but upset that there won’t be any training for the foreseeable future.

“Overall everyone involved with the club, such as committee members, seniors and interested new members are all extremely disappointed that we can’t train anymore, especially after all of the effort the committee and the sports co-ordinator at uni put into trying to get everyone back to playing their sports,” said Omnou.

The happiness of last year’s team photo is a clear contrast to this year’s disappointment: Liam Omnou

The rule in effect before the most recent Prime Minister’s address limited gatherings of 15 people. The sports co-ordinator and committee worked hard making sure everyone would be safe.

Everyone attending had to book in advance to work with the track and trace system. Covid-19 officers were appointed and took everybody’s temperatures, recorded them in a register, and completed a risk assessment.

Unfortunately, with the rising Coronavirus cases, it is unlikely the volleyball society at Kingston University will be able to train this side of Christmas.

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