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You: Everyone’s favourite psycho is back

By Sami Betache Mar 11, 2023
Editorial use only. No book cover usage. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Netflix/Kobal/Shutterstock (10119189i) Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg 'You' TV Show Season 1 - 2018 A clever bookstore manager relies on his savvy Internet know-how to make the woman of his dreams fall in love with him.

The man that will do anything for love including a casual murder here and there, returned to our screens with the first half of season four of You airing February 9. 

Penn Badgley excels as Joe once more with a host of brilliant new actors killing their roles in what is essentially an entirely new cast.

Joe Goldberg however returned with a new identity a university professor called Jonathan Moore, and is now in our capital, London. 

He did this after his antics in season three, where he faked his death, killed his wife and burned their house, meaning he had to start over across the pond. 

Season four starts at work debating with his students. He develops a liking for one of them, Nadia, who goes on to give him a book by a writer called Rhys Montrose.

However, his mind is still stuck on his past lover Marienne,who found out his secrets, including killing her ex.

Goldberg creates a friendship with one of his new colleagues, Malcom, even though he hates him and would rather he die, but Joe needs to fit into his new life. 

He also takes a liking to Kate Galvin, Malcom’s girlfriend who is your basic stuck-up British character who Joe goes on to save from a group of muggers. 

Joe however still feels heartbroken as a flashback scene shows Joe came to London initially in search of Marienne, whowhen he finds her, runs for her life.

He promises her he will not kill again and leaves. Joe was followed by a contract killer sent by his ex-wife’s father, but Joe cuts a deal – he will be left alone as long as he kills Marienne. He doesn’t kill her but makes it seem like he did.

Meanwhile Malcolm hears about Joe’s heroics with the muggers and invites him to a party, a private club in Soho with London’s wealthy, a very entitled, snobbish and arrogant bunch except for one, the author Rhys Montrose who Joe relates to as they both had a bad upbringing. 

Joe wakes up the next day after a heavy night of drinking with no memory of what had happened only to find Malcolm dead in his kitchen. He calmly discards the body. 

He starts to receive texts which reveal he was framed but the killer is not finished. 

A second murder happens within the group as the “Eat the Rich Killer” gathers media attention and Joe starts to panic as it increases the eyes on his new fake persona. 

Joe retreats with the group to a large mansion in the middle of nowhere where he begins to hook up and form a relationship with Kate only for her friend, a creep called Roald, tries to kill joe out of jealousy and suspicions that he is the killer.

Roald chases Joe into the forest with a hunting rifle only for both of them to be captured by the real killer, revealed to be Rhys Montrose, who traps them in the basement and sets the mansion on fire. 

Joe and Roald escape with the help of Kate, setting up an intense showdown for part two of season four released on March 9. Has Joe finally found his match?

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