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Harrods Editor-In-Chief reveals the publication’s expected expansion to KU Business School

By Alice Bradley Nov 9, 2017
Jan Masters talks openly about her role as Editor-In-Chief at Harrods magazine PHOTO: Vimeo

Editor-in-Chief of Harrods magazine Jan Masters revealed, at a Kingston University Business School talk on October 12, that the publication is growing rapidly and is expected to expand in the coming months.

Kingston’s Business Society organised the event to give a one-off talk to students who are keen to enter the print industry.

Gabriel Haakonsen, 23, president of Kingston Business Society, said: “It was great to see how Jan is able to make a magazine profitable in these technological days and she made it an interesting presentation.

“The students I spoke to after the event enjoyed every minute of it.”

Masters has previously been in the role of acting Beauty Editor, but was promoted to take the role as Editor-in-Chief in 2014.

The magazine, which is sent out to 125,000 Harrods customers, is an expensive process but is successful in driving people to the store.

“Harrods have realised they have a lot of international customers and they try to appeal to them too. This is why we are now starting to do Harrods magazine for Arabia and we will be launching in Asia in November. We are looking at a lot of international titles,” Masters explained.

An adult nursing student, Theresa Francis, said: “What a fabulous talk from Jan Masters. There is so much care, commitment and creativity that goes into every detail of the magazine. It will forever change the way I view Harrods publications.”

The talk aimed to inspire students and allow access into the private world of the brand’s print publication.

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