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Homeless charity reports 30% increase in use of its services

By Arafa Hassan Dec 19, 2023

Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness (KCHA) has seen a 30% increase in the use of its services compared with last year. While Kingston upon Thames is generally an affluent borough, more than 2,500 people are still homeless.

According to data from the housing charity Shelter, there were 14% more homeless people in England than last year.

Amal Hasheem, a Turkish lady who lost her home due to the cost of living crisis, has been sleeping in streets of Kingston since March 2023. She said: “I lost my job, my house, I lost everything.”

KCAH has been collecting donations to help the homeless in Kingston. It’s most recent campaign is called the ‘Winter Warmer Appeal’ where it helps those experiencing homelessness stay warm in the cold weather.

“I turn myself into a ball at night to keep myself warm so I could go to sleep. I only have a jacket and a soft blanket and that still, is not enough,” Amal said after explaining how she survives the cold weather.

KCAH provides plenty of other ways to help the homeless. It wants to help secure a safe and stable home for the homeless, to help them grow and rebuild their lives by:

  • Helping people into emergency accommodation
  • Offering drop-in support
  • Equipping people with the knowledge and independent living skills
  • Empowering people to explore their strengths and interests to build self-worth, confidence and identity.

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