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Final season of The Crown: featuring Kingston University’s Town House

By Sabah Matin Dec 19, 2023
No Merchandising. Editorial Use Only. No Book Cover Usage. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Netflix/Everett/Shutterstock (14256828o) THE CROWN, from left: Ed McVey as Prince William, (Season 6, ep. 609, aired Dec. 14, 2023). photo: Keith Bernstein / ©Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection Everett Collection - 14 Dec 2023

On December 14, the latest and final episodes of The Crown were released, with a starring role for Kingston University’s Town House.

Back in January, the crew from The Crown filmed parts of the final season on the ground floor – with students left guessing which parts of the royal romance would be featured.

Parts of the Town House were closed off and it was only signs that indicated that The Crown were in residence.

Photo: Sabah Matin

There was much speculation about what exactly was being filmed there, as there was so much secrecy around it. Some people guessed it was “probably something to do with the princes while they were at university, because why would they choose to film at a university?” and “you can hear a lot of loud music, I think it is something to do with when the princes were at university”. 

Ed McVey as Prince William (centre) at the student fashion show. Photo: Justin Downing/Shutterstock

The recent episode revealed it was when Prince William allegedly met Kate for the first time, when she was in a student fashion show in 2002. It was filmed on the courtyard of the Town House. Ed McVey plays Prince William and Meg Bellamy plays Kate Middleton.

Catch up on the latest episodes on Netflix now.

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