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How students celebrated Mother’s Day

By Abigail Bragginton Mar 12, 2024
Photo credit: Abigail Bragginton

Whereas some students are fortunate enough to have their mothers nearby many students miss celebrating special occasions such as Mother’s Day. 

Micaela Byrne said: “As I am from Peru, I would normally celebrate Mother’s Day in May. In which I will normally send her a gift and we would have a long facetime call on the day.” 

Many Kingston students rely on being able to facetime their loved ones because of the distance between them, which therefore makes it possible for mothers and students to interact, no matter where they live. 

This day may hold more significance for those living away from home because it can give them the time to reflect on their gratitude and deepen the appreciation they have for their mothers or mother figures.

Those who live closer to home can visit more frequently and are able to visit their families for Mother’s Day, which means they can make memories that they can treasure and also lets them appreciate everything their mothers have done for them. 

Carlotta Neri said: “Despite living in accommodation, I am fortunate to be able to visit my mother more than others may because she lives nearby. Over Mother’s Day weekend, I did get to visit her and brought her a few gifts. Whilst being at home, I also got the opportunity to visit my grandma too before having to come home.” 

Celebrating Mother’s Day is more than just the distance but also about being appreciative all the things your mothers may have sacrificed in love for you through your childhood. Mother’s Day serves as a reminder of the bond that students share with the female figures in their life and can prompt them to reflect and express gratitude for the constant support received. 

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