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How to make the ‘lumbersexual look’ work for you

By Stefani Docheva Dec 7, 2014

In the world of men’s fashion, the metrosexual look long reigned as the dominant trend. The well-groomed eyebrows, clean shaved face and a posh collared shirt were but ideal, but now men’s fashion is shifting in a grungier direction. 


Let us be honest; men want to look like the bread-winner and attract their partner with their manly traits – it is an impulse deeply-rooted in the human psychology.

So it seems anything but surprising this new trend is upon us. If the name is confusing, just picture a mix between a Woodstock hippy and a lumberjack.

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The best example of a lumbersexual eye-candy is Ryan Gosling.

But not just “everyday”  Ryan Gosling, we are talking the big bearded, rugged , ‘just came in from building you a big white house with a blue shutters and a porch’ kind of Gosling; also known as, The Notebook’s Noah.

Even though most of you will deny ever seeing this cheesy love story, have a cheeky look on Google and then get in the game with these tips.


What is best about this look is that if you gave Movember a try, you are already set with the most important accessory of this look, a rugged beard.

This trend has exploded in the month of November and fashion magazines are raving about it. Even magazines such as Cosmopolitan have included the quiz : “Are you dating a Lumbersexual?” on their website. So, here is how to get comfortable with this on-point fashion trend.

Start off with a well looked-after beard. Then, add a comfortable plaid flannel shirt for the country look. Pair off the shirt with a cozy cardigan in order to add a bit of class and to make it more appropriate for a night of skating or goofing off at Winter Wonderland.

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Choose a dark and simple pair of denim. If you want to go overboard, try adding a pair of cheeky leather suspenders to get the true look of a woodsman. Accessorize the look with an over-sized beanie in order to truly convince people that you have been out in the cold all day cutting wood and being ‘manly’.


Lastly, put on your favorite pair of Timberland shoes, because they are iconic for the true outdoors-man look. Voila, there you have it; you are now a lumberjack in the disguise of a modern city guy.



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