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Kingston business could benefit from mooring of Queen’s barge

By Anthony Waterworth Feb 9, 2015
The Gloriana sailing on the Thames - REX Features

The Queen’s Royal barge, the Gloriana, could be moored at Kingston from 2016, attracting profit to businesses in the Royal Borough if the agreement goes ahead.

If Kingston is selected, the barge will sit beside Canbury Gardens indefinitely meaning that surrounding businesses, such as the Boater’s Inn, would be set to gain extra customers through tourism.

Jasmine Oakley, Boater’s Inn employee, said: “It would be great for us, especially in summer. We would be able to see it from the pub so hopefully all of the tourists that come to see the Barge could stop for a drink or some lunch.”

The barge was built for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 and Kingston council hope to have it moored in the town by 2016.

Talks broke down for Twickenham to moor the barge due to locals opposing plans for a £1m boathouse to shelter it.

Oakley said: “It [the barge] will undoubtedly become popular with so many rowing, sailing and barge clubs nearby and hopefully we can take advantage.”

At 94 foot long, the vessel is an impressive sight and it lead from the front in the Diamond Jubilee Pageant on the Thames in 2012.

Kingston Mayor, Ken Smith, said: “It is going to be something that many people will want to see so it will bring visitors into the town and help businesses.”

Council Leader, Kevin Davies, said: “This is the oldest Royal Borough in the country with tens of millions who visit every year to shop, visit the theatre or take in the history of a wonderful town.

“What better place to show off this extraordinarily beautiful tribute to Her Majesty The Queen but equally to add to our significant story of Royal history at the heart of the Borough.”

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