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Kingston clubs have no plans to introduce breathalyser

By Matilda Sturley Feb 7, 2015

Kingston clubs said they have no plans to introduce the breathalyser test that might roll out across six boroughs in the capital and could deny entry to drunken party-goers.

A spokesperson from Kingston night club The Library, Olly Turnbull, said they would wait for the result of the trial and monitor progress before considering introducing the breathalyser.

“We have no plans at The Library to breathalyse anyone at the moment,” Turnbull said.

In Croydon, doormen have already piloted the scheme to deny clubbers’ entry after breathalysing them to see if they’re over the set limit.

The Metropolitan Police hope that the enterprise, which will be set at twice the legal driving limit, will cut down on binge-drinking.

Turnbull said: “If this scheme is going to happen, it should apply to pubs, off licence’s and all those with an alcohol licence.”

The Library spokesman said that these systems often did not get to the root causes of binge drinking and seemed widely targeted at the nightclub industry.

Despite the falling crime rates across London, violent offences have increased by up to 39 per cent in some boroughs.

“When an off licence can serve a bottle of vodka for £10 until 11pm, I don’t know why they shouldn’t have to breathalyse as well,” Turnbull said.

He said the nightclub industry is not the only place where binge drinking happens.

A spokesman from Pryzm nightclub in Kingston said that they think enough has been done in Kingston already with higher taxes on alcohol and licences on pubs and clubs disallowing alcohol sales past a certain time.

“I don’t think the breathalyser is necessary anywhere,” the spokesman said. “Next, you’ll have bouncers with handcuffs.”

He said that Pryzm determines drunken customers by their behaviour and often he often sees security and bar staff turn a lot of drunken customers away.

He said that the club will be forced to start using the system if they are told to by the police.

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