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Kingston Council’s eco refill revolution: Empowering young entrepreneurs and reducing waste

By Ollie Auguste Jul 19, 2023
Kingston Eco shopsChildren setting up eco-refill shops. Photo credit: Kingston Council

Kingston Council is set to introduce three eco-refill shops in local primary schools. The new initiative aims to empower residents to reduce waste and embrace reusable alternatives.

Run by enthusiastic pupils, with the support of their teachers and the organisation Pupils Profit, the monthly shops will offer a range of household cleaning products to students, teachers, and parents.

Councillor Noel Hadjimichael, Portfolio Holder for Assets, Commissioning, and Waste, who supports the project, emphasised its alignment with Kingston Council’s Climate Action Plan.

He said: “Reducing waste is a key part of our commitment to a cleaner, greener future for Kingston.”

By bringing their own refillable bottles, customers can collect eco-friendly products, actively contributing to a cleaner, greener future for Kingston.

Councillor Hadjimichael commended schools like St Matthew’s Primary School in Surbiton for their active role in tackling climate change and highlighted the numerous benefits of the initiative, including the development of essential skills and the promotion of environmentally conscious habits among students.

St Matthew’s Primary School takes pride in being the pioneer of this innovative project.

Its successful launch has paved the way for two more eco refill shops to open in Kingston primary schools in the months to come.

Parents who attended the eco refill shop expressed their satisfaction and appreciation for the initiative. One parent commented: “We’re here to fill up our refill bottles. I had bought refillable soaps elsewhere but kept forgetting to refill them.

“Then my son told me about the eco-refill day at school, offering the same brand I like. It’s really convenient and fantastic.”

Eco refill shops present a unique opportunity for young people to develop valuable enterprise skills while understanding the significance of waste reduction.

Through active participation, students can cultivate environmentally friendly habits and become catalysts for change, inspiring their families and friends to embrace reusable alternatives.

The involvement of these schools not only underscores their dedication to sustainability but also provides students with tangible opportunities to make positive contributions to their environment.

Another parent praised the event, stating, “The event is truly enjoyable. It’s refreshing to have such an activity after school, raising awareness about reusables.”

On the inaugural day, the enthusiastic pupils managed to sell an impressive 32 refills. By doing so, they prevented 32 plastic bottles the size of fairy liquid bottles from ending up in landfills.

This achievement serves as a powerful reminder that individual actions, when multiplied by community participation, can make a substantial impact on waste reduction and sustainability.

Kingston Council’s collaboration with Pupils Profit is part of their commitment to waste reduction and environmental sustainability.

By actively involving young students in the management of these shops, the initiative not only nurtures their entrepreneurial skills but also fosters a deeper understanding of the importance of waste reduction.

By Ollie Auguste

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