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Kingston international film festival helps inspire KU students

By Omar Marwa Oct 19, 2021
Night life outside Rose theatrePeople left satisfied as they leave The rose at night

Kingston students attend an almost sold-out film festival on Sunday evening, first time since the Covid 19 pandemic began.

Rose theatre partnered up with Blue Elephant Films as they presented an evening of award-winning short films

Christopher Haydon is the current artistic director at the Rose theatre. His short Film ‘Martha’ grabbed a lot of attention on Sunday evening, as he told FilmLondon “The film has made me reflect on the ways we construct and understand reality around us and so it would be great if it was able to spark similar thoughts in our audience.”

Third year KU pharmacy student, Shuaib agreed with the moral of the story as he says, “That was really good, it gave me chills especially the parts in the dream that reflected what’s currently happening in the world”.

The event lasted for over an hour as a variety of filmmakers were given the platform to showcase their talent, this later was followed up with a Q&A as the audience were given the opportunity to engage with the filmmakers, as they were given an insight with what goes on behind the scenes.

second year Kingston Architect student, Samyukta Velekat said “the Q&A was inspiring to me, some of these talented directors haven’t even had any kind of film background, this has inspired me to one day direct my very own short film”

This preview event is a build up for the first ever international film festival 2022 which will be held in Rose theatre, with the likes of Oscar award winning actress Vanessa Redgrave and Harry Potter’s director Mike Newell as Patrons.

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