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Kingfisher update: GoFundMe launched to get legal opinion on demolition

By Ella Devereux Oct 20, 2021
Green signpost which reads 'The Kingfisher' outside Leisure CentreThe Kingfisher walkway closed off to public. Photo: Ella Devereux

A GoFundMe page was set up this week to help Kingston residents pay for a legal opinion on the decision to demolish Kingston’s Kingfisher Leisure Centre.

The GoFundMe, set up by resident Caroline Shah, aims to raise £3,100 to pay for legal advice on whether there are any grounds to challenge the decision made by Kingston Council.

Shah updated the petition which was presented to Kingston Council last week, which has gathered over 3,500 signatures.

“We must keep believing that we can make a difference despite Kingston Council’s determination to plough on with the demolition of The Kingfisher Leisure Centre despite widespread opposition to their plans,” she wrote.

This week Kingston Liberal Democrats announced on their website that Councillor Caroline Kerr has resigned from her role as Leader of Kingston Council.

In a statement published on the website, Kerr stated that it was not a decision she had “taken lightly” and that “these last 18 months have been a time of unprecedented challenge”.

“After much consideration and having led the Council through this challenging period, I have decided that I must stand down as leader,” she said.

This news came a week after a Council meeting which saw the petition to delay the demolition of the Kingfisher Leisure Centre get rejected by 26 to nine votes.

Kerr and the Kingston Lib Dems have been caught in an ongoing dispute with residents about the demolition of the Kingfisher Leisure Centre.

Hearing the news about Kerr’s resignation, Caroline Shah tweeted yesterday: “Last night, Kingston council leader resigned. We are having an effect. Now we must put the pressure on further.”

If the money is successfully raised, Jenny Wigley QC of Landmark Chambers, working with Ricardo Gama of Leigh Day solicitors will be able to give an opinion on the legal grounds of challenging the decision made by Kingston Council.

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