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Kingston police close investigation of KU library thefts due to lack of evidence

By Jamie Craker Nov 7, 2016
Canvas left KU students split

Kingston police have closed their investigation into a reported theft from Penrhyn Road library.

In a letter to Bethany Martin, who reported the theft of her brand new Macbook from the first floor of the LRC on October 19, Metropolitan Police said that there was not sufficient evidence to proceed with their investigations.

“The fact it was dated October 21, so two days after I rang them, makes me feel like they didn’t look into it as thoroughly as they could have,” Martin said.

The letter said that, although the case had been closed, the police would continually review the information reported as well as any additional evidence.

The police said in the letter that they re-opened thousands of investigations every year, and would contact Martin if the offender was caught at a later date.

Martin reported the theft of her laptop to library security when she first noticed it was missing: “Security took all of my details and what happened, and said I’d have to call 101 and report it and get a crime number,” she said. “If they found something they would tell the police, and then the police would let me know.”

A spokesperson for Kingston University said that the University took the security of its students and their belongings very seriously, and that the security team investigates any reported thefts on campus, including examining CCTV and working with the police.

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