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Kodaline plays acoustic set at All Saints Church

By Beatriz Liberatti Oct 12, 2018
Kodaline performed at All Saints Church in Kingston on Saturday

A couple of hundred Kodaline fans gathered at All Saints Church in Kingston on Saturday September 29 for a night of music and fun. Instead of mass, they were treated to the first live performance from the Irish band since the release the day before of their third studio album, Politics of Living.

The gig was as intimate as their music, with a fully acoustic set that brought together old fan favourites and a few new songs, all brought together by Banquet Records.

Before the first note was played, frontman Steve Garrigan warned the crowd that he had been ill and his voice might be affected. He had nothing to worry about as the audience took over when he failed to sing in an incredibly sweet moment during the song High Hopes.

Concertgoers were treated to gems from Politics of Living, such as Brother and Follow Your Fire, along with hits from their first two albums such as The One and All I Want.

The venue choice was a stroke of genius, with the ambience of the church suiting the small gig perfectly, and the acoustics complimenting Kodaline’s set in an almost magical way.

If only the lighting crew had got the memo; the extremely bright lights that were left on throughout the entire concert really detracted from the experience. Combined with a low stage, it was almost impossible to see the band without being six feet tall.

The most surprising part of all was how mixed the crowd was. People of all ages were present, all dancing and singing along, recording videos and enjoying the music.

Overall, it was a great night to introduce their new music to fans both old and new. The concert felt more like a get together with friends; good music and a lot of laughs.

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