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KU launches new online platform: KUextra

By Eleanor Ideson Oct 22, 2018

KU launched a new online platform this term to encourage students to participate in extra curriculum activities which could help them meet new people, network and build more skills.

By attending a range of activities, from playing football to learning how to write a CV, students can also earn points towards their Kingston award, a prize that shows participation in activities across all campuses that will impress future employers.

Business management graduate Aditya Tandon, who helped design the platform, said: “In a pool of 18,000+ students at KU, I believe this platform will create a more easily accessible way to book events, attend them and also work towards the very important Kingston Award.”

KUextra was designed and built over three years with the help of over 100 students who attended focus groups and testing sessions to provide feedback.

The website, which can also be found on the KU app, can be personalised by students so the activities recommended meet their needs.

Project Manager Ula Ojiaku said: “KUextra will help students never miss out when opportunities and activities come up around the campuses and beyond. It will also make it easier for people who organise events to reach students more effectively, as students will see recommendations in line with their interests.”

As well as extra curriculum activities, KUextra will also list part-time jobs and show what’s on outside campus.

To find out more visit or download the Kingston University app.

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