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KU lecturer tops the charts with a Rolling Stones tribute for murdered MP Jo Cox

By Pia Jenkins-Henham Feb 1, 2017
Alison Baverstock with songwriter KT Tunstall.

Kingston University associate professor Alison Baverstock made it to Apple’s top ten Christmas Hits with a tribute song to the late former MP Jo Cox.

Dr Baverstock, from the faculty of arts and social sciences, was a member of the Friends of Jo Cox choir and sang a cover of The Rolling Stones You Can’t Always Get What You Want to pay tribute to Mrs Cox who was killed in June last year.

“I had quite mixed feelings. It was very exciting because the first thing that happened when we got on the bus is that we were all given a recording contract, but the reason for being there was awful so it was a very conflicted experience,” she said.

MP4 is a rock music band made up of different members of parliament who wanted to remember Mrs Cox by this tribute single produced by The Rolling Stones director Suzi Digby.

Dr Baverstock was one of a few selected from the Parliament Choir to participate.

Dr Baverstock had said You Can’t Always Get What You Want had previously been used by Trump at his rallies and The Rolling Stones were keen to give another meaning to the song.

The song has saved £35,000 for the Jo Cox Foundation so far.

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