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KU research into mental health to help vulnerable young people

By Munir Sulaiman Oct 31, 2022
Girl woth heda bowed standing in darkPhoto: Eric Ward/Unsplash

Researchers at Kingston University have embarked on a four year study aimed ultimately at helping shape how social care  and mental health services are delivered for children and young people. 

The study titled Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAHMS) Referrals and Outcomes for Adolescents and Children with Social Workers will include contributions from young people and parents with direct experience mental health services and care services.

The project aims to discover what influences whether a young person’s referral to CAMHS is accepted or rejected, which treatments are helpful for young people and cost effective and what the experiences are of young people with social care involvement.

Rick Hood, Professor of Social Work at Kingston University and member of the research team highlighted the importance of this study: “Access to effective mental health provision is crucial for improving outcomes for vulnerable children and requires robust evidence to underpin the partnership between children’s social care and CAMHS.”

A Kingston University spokesperson said: “Kingston University supports research that better informs understanding of the mental health needs of children and young people who have had experience of care.”

The award-winning KU Cares programme offers such students additional support with university applications and through to graduation.  “Going to university can be particularly challenging for young people with experience of local authority care, students estranged from their parents and young adult carers.”

This latest research is hoping to offer further evidence to encourage policies that will strengthen services for vulnerable young people. 

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