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Students unhappy with prolonged Seething Wells refurbishments

By Acacia Liu Oct 31, 2022
KU shuttle bus to Seething Wells

Students living at Seething Wells halls of residence have expressed frustration at having to live with ongoing construction work.

The £200 million refurbishment of the Seething Wells was due to be finished by September this year, however building work is ongoing and students find the conditions they are living in are not ideal.

The noise from construction work was one issue mentioned alongside air quality: “I can’t even open my windows because it is too dusty,” said one student.

A third year business student pointed out that though Seething Wells has over 800 rooms, there are only five washing machines and dryers. “We have to fight over the machines sometimes and having to exchange coins every time is really troublesome as well.”

However once finished, the refurbished buildings will have additional kitchen common rooms and more communal facilities including a student club and multi-use event spaces, as well as the additional rooms.

The building works will add another 127 much-needed student rooms to the available stock. The project is now expected to be fully completed by January 2023.

By Acacia Liu

Year 3 Journalism student at Kingston University Reporter / Design and layout chief Interests: Animals, art, fashion and gaming

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