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KU student among 16 Miss Namibia finalists

By Laurynas Puikys Apr 3, 2021
KU student Aurelia Samuyenga says that she hopes to inspire Namibian women to become leaders. White/Shutterstock

KU student Aurelia Samuyenga has been selected among 16 finalists in the annual Miss Namibia beauty pageant.

The final-year KU student is doing her BSc degree in Business Management at Kingston University in London and says that she hopes to inspire Namibian women to become leaders.

“Namibian women and girls in leadership positions are seen as the outliers and not the norm. I plan on changing that by setting an example that everyone can follow.

“My legacy as Miss Namibia 2021 would be to create a society where we encourage and welcome women in leadership positions.

“I have been hosting sessions with girls at a local orphanage to help and inspire them to cement their positions as leaders in our society.

“I plan on expanding these sessions nationwide to reach women and girls of all ages across Namibia. In doing so not only will this encourage women to occupy more leadership roles, but they can also take this thread and continue the work to help create a society that embraces women as leaders,” Samuyenga said.

The title-holder of Miss Namibia 2021 is expected to promote deserving social causes and serve as an example of purposeful living to the young, the Namibian newspaper says.

The KU student says that she was inspired to participate in the competition by South African Demi-Leigh Tebow, who won the Miss Universe title in 2017.

“With Namibia and South Africa being very close neighbours, I feel that we are capable of everything and anything they are capable of.

“I was inspired by Demi’s success at the pageant, and I hope to do the same for Namibia and her people.

“At that time I was going into my first year of university so if I did win Miss Namibia in 2018 I would have had to defer my studies. The plan was always to compete in 2021 after I completed my studies. I have been preparing myself for three years now.

“I plan on being the second Namibian woman to hold the title of Miss Universe. In doing so I’ll be able to bring a sense of joy and pride to the Namibian nation which is needed especially now in these unprecedented times,” Samuyenga said.

By Laurynas Puikys

Journalism student from Kingston University and Editor of The River. Main interests: books, basketball and motorsports.

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