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Compensation refused despite boiler failure

By Amanda Henrikson Apr 2, 2021
Pressure gauge on a gas boilerCredit: Rex Features

KU student Emma Holmes was forced to move out of her flat due to problems with a gas boiler that was recommended to be changed two years ago.

Holmes was this week visited by British gas after she requested a checkup. Holmes and her five flat mates have experienced irregularities in both their hot water and heating over the last four months.

After British gas assessed the situation the students were told the boiler should have been changed two years ago. 

“It makes me worried when I go to bed knowing that something could be wrong in the house while we are sleeping,” Holmes said.

There is no direct contact between Holmes and her landlord, as the contract is handled by Latimer estate agency. With no hot water and heating Holmes felt she had no choice but to contact British Gas herself.

“I felt like I was being a burden when having hot water and heating included is clearly stated in our contract,” Holmes said.

Holmes was then forced to move out of her flat because her room was below fifteen degrees Celsius. When she requested money back for the week in question, she was told she would not be refunded because she was not living in the flat at time the heating failed to work.

Latimer said in an email: “Your landlord has agreed to compensate the days there was no heating or hot water. However, compensations will be made to students living in the house during this week.” 

Emma has admitted to not being there at that time, because of the lack of heating, and so will not be compensated. 

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