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KU student released a short film about domestic abuse

By Angel Pearce Nov 28, 2018
Parker (Harrrison Osterfield) and Rose (Vala Norén) laying in bed together

A Kingston University film student has released a short movie last week, on Amazon Prime, which tackles domestic abuse through his self-established production company.


The short film, Vent, stars actors such as Harrison Osterfield, who plays in George Clooney’s drama mini-series Catch-22 and is Tom Holland’s best friend, and Vala Norén, sister of Noomi Rapace from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Film student and director of Vent, Mayuren Naidoo said: “I’ve always had a passion for film and knew that I wanted to make films of my own one day. I began making my first short films in 2014.”

Vent explores the lives of two couples affected by radiation that has contaminated the outside air and follows the emotional abuse and manipulation that Parker (Harrrison Osterfield) imposes on Rose (Vala Norén).

“The film is inspired by the multitude of women who are repressed. I fused the ideas of a controlling and volatile relationship with an unusual premise and situation, to show that Rose doesn’t want to escape; she just wants what her boyfriend does every day,” said Naidoo.

Naidoo has produced seven short films with his greatest success being his feature length film, Midnight Sonder (2016), also available on Amazon Prime and produced by his self-established production company, Complete Field Films.

Midnight Sonder has won two awards including “Best Produced Screenplay” at the Creation International Film Festival in Canada and the “Bronze Award” at the FAMEUS International Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Professor of film, John Mullarkey said: “It’s great to see people working in film coming to study at Kingston, be it with success already achieved or going on to further successes afterwards.”

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