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Kingston University students share their first date experiences

By Alice M Carter Dec 15, 2019
First dates can be awkward

First dates can always go either one of two ways, you’ve either met the love of your life or you’ve got a funny story to tell your friends. Last week the latest series of first dates aired on channel four, so I decided to share some of our Kingston University students’ first date stories.

Heroism leads to engagement

Gita Suharsono, a Pro MMA athlete studying Sports Science at Kingston University, met her now fiance on Tinder and as they were both on their way to the subway during their first date and they were stopped by some people wanting them to fill out a survey.

They looked down the alleyway and saw a girl dressed provocatively who looked nervous with a man.

She said:  “She was trying to escape the alleyway, but a man was pulling her to one side whilst on the phone.”

She said her date didn’t see what was happening, but as she finished filling in the survey, she marched down towards them in the alleyway.

“I talked to the girl and asked if she was okay, she told me how she was with her friend bar hopping and then she had soju (Korean alcohol) and passed out in an alley when she woke up. This man was all of a sudden all over her.”

The guy trying to take advantage of the drunk girl tried to shush Gita and her date away with him saying: “I’m helping her, I’m calling my friend to pick her up. She is fine and this guy just kept trying to convince us to leave which we thought was very dodgy.”

Her date at the time was sure something odd was going on and said he was ready to get in a fight if need be.

Gita immediately told the strange guy: “Sir I’m not talking to you”,

After the couple asked if the girl wanted to come back with them,  she immediately agreed to and Gita grabbed her hand and they took her to get some coffee and food and gave her their spare clothes to keep her warm.

When they got back to her date’s house they cleaned her up in the bathroom and asked Gita asked the girl if she saw any marks or blood on her underwear as she said: “If she did we may have had to take her to the hospital because it’s a possibility she might have been raped by the strange guy in the alleyway.”

She said that this experience with her date kind of brought them closer in a strange way.

“He could’ve just left, but he stuck with me. We joked around and tried to make it lighter for her before dropping her home,” she said.

After saying goodbye to the girl, they saved they then continued to spend the next 12 hours together, “We just didn’t want to say goodbye to each other.

Six months down the line they end up moving in and being engaged.

Not just the sushi that was fishy 

Lucy Cave, a 22 graphic design student, has a couple of funny stories to tell. She met a guy off Tinder and after meeting for afternoon tea they realised they both shared the common interest of cooking, especially sushi.

She said: “ He was like I just bought this sushi knife it was like £60 on amazon, he was like do you want to come back to mine to make sushi.”

Because it was the afternoon and still light out,  she felt it was safe, and she didn’t get any strange psycho vibes from him.

However, when she walked into his kitchen she said:“ He’s literally laid out a sushi-making kit with the rolling mat, the knife, sushi rice and a massive fillet of salmon, I was thinking well you obviously planned all of this then.”

Lucy stayed at his anyway and after they start cooking, she said: “I just feel like it’s getting a bit weird.” Then after it already being a bit strange, he then turned crazy.

Cave said: “I was cutting the salmon, I scraped the knife on the chopping board, and he went fucking mental, I’ve never seen someone so angry.”

After he made her feel so bad that she apologised, she then accidentally done it again and he angrily said: “Can you please stop using the knife.”

After trying to use the excuse that she had a flatmates night out to get back to she still couldn’t get away and in fact, the guy even kept trying to invite himself!

Catfish comedian

Cave then went on another date with a guy she met on Hinge, a new dating app which now tells you the height of your date and this guy had apparently used all photos of him sitting down so you couldn’t see how tall he actually was.

She said: “When I went to meet him, he was waiting at the other end of Clapham at the station, I saw him waiting and he was so small he was like half my height! It was so awkward he was so small, and the date was awful.”

The guy had also told Cave that he wanted to be a stand-up comedian and he was practising all his jokes on her.

She added: “They just weren’t funny, and I said to him you’re definitely  going to use this date as one of your jokes aren’t and he was like yep.”

Cheap and drugged up

Anon, a 22-year-old human geography student, met a guy off a dating app and after speaking to him for two whole months he turned out to be the opposite of what she had imagined.

She had travelled all the way from Oxford to London for this date where they had originally planned to meet at a kilo sale as they were both into fashion.

Firstly, he was late so they missed the sale and so he agreed to buy her a drink to make up for this.

However, after Anon explicitly told her date multiple times before the date that she did not like beer he went ahead and took her to a beer bar and the bar served only beer and nothing else.

She said: “Considering the past he had told me with he had with other girls I realised why he was single.”

However, it gets worse after he finished of all of her drinks, she then took him to a rooftop bar.

He then told Anon she had to buy a round and after she bought them a pitcher he then started measuring out the drinks equally so they could both have exact amounts so that he could get his fair share, he kept telling her to, “Hurry up and drink your drink so I can pour us equal amounts.”

He was egotistical and spoke during the date about how he was great in his latest job interview. She said, “He told me he was on a comedown from drugs over the weekend.”

She did try to text her friend to get her out of the disaster but unfortunately her friend never saw the message.

At the end of the night he tried to go in for a kiss, she said: “He grabbed my neck and kissed me, also bit my lip really hard, I was taken back and had to pull away and he went in for another, so I gave him the cheek and walked away.”

He then messaged Anon on social media and texted multiple times after she made it quite clear she was not interested

“I was lucky since then I’ve got a new number.

“I unfollowed him of everything and deleted his number.

“I would have told me how he made me uncomfortable on the date, but I was never going to see him again and he wasn’t going to change.”

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