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Waterstones returns to Kingston – and we couldn’t be happier about it

By Aimee Miller Oct 1, 2019

Kingston Waterstones’ is back after nine-months of reconstruction with a brand-new look and more on offer for KU students.

The bookseller now has additional space to accommodate KU society meetings, access to meal discounts, loyalty schemes, as well as the student discount card already available.

Regional bookshop manager Jennifer Shenton said: “We’ve already got such a large student population that we’ve noticed coming in since we’ve opened. Students have already settled onto the high benches in the cafe with their books and laptops, and we’re hoping to encourage that vibe as much as possible.”

With the addition of a newly built cafe-bar that will serve locally sourced cakes, handmade
sandwiches and salads in the morning, and a selection of beer and wine in the evening, Shenton encouraged students to use the space.

Plans to create two for one cinema tickets, and other exclusive competitions attached to their loyalty schemes are in development, but Shenton says discussions are still taking place and are six months away from being available.

Publishing professor and director of KU Big Read, Alison Baverstock, said: “Think about the rules of the third space; your first space is your home, your second space is your place of work, and then your third space is the public place you gravitate to relax. This Waterstones could become our student’s third space.”

The new shop layout was designed to mirror a library esque flow, featuring an open floor plan, lower ceilings, brighter lights and colours, and around 30 bookcases worth of floor space.

The improved bookstore opened officially last Saturday, with children’s classic Peter Rabbit cutting the ribbon.

By Aimee Miller

Chief sub-editor at The River writing about all things books, reviews & north-east Asia. Say hi on Twitter or email me!

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