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How to be a ghost whisperer

By River Reporter Oct 25, 2012

A Kingston clairvoyant tells TheRiver how to make contact with the ‘other side’

Ingvild Olaussen 

For some, a pink candle and a mirror will get you in touch with the spirit world. At least that is what our clairvoyant Camilla said when we sat down to discuss how to get in touch with the other side.

This is only if you want to talk to the spirits and not a destructive poltergeist. You don’t want to mess with them.

“They can be really nasty. They can grab your neck and throw you against the wall,” Camilla said. “But I only go towards the friendly lot,” she added.

Camilla has been working, together with her spirit guides, as a medium for 40 years. She frequently appears in the media to share her knowledge of the spirit world.

If you are a sceptic like me, you might find it hard not to burst out laughing while reading this. I certainly had some trouble believing it. Nevertheless, Camilla’s tips on how to deal with spirits are interesting.

The first step to get in touch with the spirits is easy. Simply light up a candle, preferably pink, reflect it in a mirror and start talking. But what do you say while talking out to thin air?

Luckily, Camilla had some tips for this as well. “Well, you just say: ‘Look. I know you’re there. Let’s be friends. Let’s be in this together’.”

If you feel like you have a ghost or spirit following you, contact Camilla through her enchanting website. www.camillaventhamfraser.co.uk

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