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Kingston University students among least promiscuous in Britain

By River Reporter Oct 25, 2012

A national survey has shown that Kingston students have less sexual partners than other universities in the UK.

Lily Kemp

A survey carried out by, which asked 4,656 students from over 100 universities across the country about their sex lives, revealed that over the course of three years the average Kingston student sleeps with only two partners.

The River conducted their own survey of Kingston.  It showed, 43 per cent of students confessed to never having had a one-night stand.

Local psychologist and sexual expert, Teresa Mulvena said: “I think if you have not had sex it is something that should be declared to your partner to avoid anxiety. You need to trust anyone that you sleep with and if you do, you should be able to open up about your sexual history.”

The River’s survey revealed that over half of Kingston University students are in relationships.

Getting laid “used to be easy”

JoJo Sonubi, 20, a civil engineering student who is in his second year at Kingston University, agrees that Kingston University is virtuous when it comes to sex. He said that the only places you are likely to “get laid” are either Oceana or McCluskys.

He added: “Getting a girl used to be easy. As a fresher you could get a girl pretty much any night.”

Some Kingston students are still hoping to be touched for the very first time and feel like the rest of their peers are at it like rabbits.

Brought up in Essex around friends who are experienced between the sheets, third-year Kingston student Sophie, (name has been changed) sheepishly revealed although she knows the ‘ins and outs’, she has never actually done the deed.

Hard being a virgin

“I have never been touched down there and the thought of it scares me. I have heard horror stories of the first time being really painful. I just feel like I would be signing myself up to get damaged,” she said.

Sophie’s lack of experience means she is unable to contribute to conversations about sex which often make her feel left out and ignored.

“One of the worst things about being a virgin is all the conversations I have with friends where they discuss their sex lives and I am always the one left with a full pint at the end of a game of ‘I have never’,” she laughed.

Students who have never had sex will inevitably find it difficult to broach the ‘I-am-a-virgin’ conversation with someone who is expecting it on date number two or three.

Sophie said: “I think I avoid relationships altogether because I have to tell them that I am a virgin and don’t want to have sex straight away.”

The university ranked as having the most sex in the country was Bangor University in Wales and, shockingly, the university which has the least is Essex.


Are you on top or bottom?

The results of the sex poll carried out by

Top 10

Sexual partners in 2012 since starting university

Bangor University                              


Heriot-Watt University                    


University of Plymouth                    


John Moores University                  


Aberystwyth University                  


Manchester Met University            


Brunel Unviersity                              


Aston University                                


Sheffield Hallam University            


Teesside University                          



Bottom 10


University of Surrey                          


University of Sunderland                  


 Middlesex University                        


 Kingston University                        


 Queen Margaret University            


 City University London                    


 University of the Arts London        


 Roehampton University                    


 University of Chester                        


 University of Essex                            



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