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LIVE BLOG: Union of Kingston Students holds Plan 2020 meeting

By Zara Woodcock Feb 22, 2017
Photo: Alice WojcikSay No to 2020 Vision

On January 27, Kingston University announced that it would be launching Plan 2020, which is already in progress at FASS (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) and SEC (Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing).

The plan has revealed there will be many job losses among the university staff and course restructures despite a lack of consultation with staff or students.

So, with the help of UCU (University and College Union) and Unison (the leading trade union for staff employed by Kingston’s local authority), a student and staff assembly will be held on Wednesday 22 February at 12:30-14:oo in Penrhyn Road campus JG002.

Some of the university’s staff as well as the student body feels the Board of Governors should not be making decisions concerning the job cuts.

The meeting will have students and staff discussing their next course of action and how they feel about the 2020 decision.

Follow our live blog below to keep up to date with the developments.

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