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New campaign launches to help tackle period poverty in Kingston

By Abigail Bragginton Dec 15, 2023
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Hollandse Hoogte/Shutterstock (13677299i) 2022-10-06 15:18:09 UTRECHT - Free menstrual products at thrift store Emmaus Overvecht. According to the initiator, the Poverty Fund, these kinds of collection points are desperately needed, because 1 in 10 women and girls sometimes have no money to buy menstrual products. Distribution Point for Free Menstrual Products, Utrecht - 06 Oct 2022

The Kingston Charitable Foundation has launched a campaign to supply local girls and women with sanitary products if they cannot afford them.

It is estimated that 5,821 women and girls in Kingston struggle to pay for sanitary products each month, according to the Foundation.

Elise, a student at Kingston University, said: “Sanitary products are expensive, especially considering how many packs one needs. They should be sold for cheaper or given out for free due to the necessity.” 

According to the organisation Bloody Good Period, the average yearly cost of sanitary products is £120. 

The price of sanitary products has increased dramatically for women in comparison to 2022, even after the tampon tax was removed several years ago. In many cases, the price increase has exceeded the inflation rate of 10%. 

With the increasing price of sanitary products, some women are choosing to take the contraceptive pill rather than using sanitary products.  

“I’m taking the pill over using sanitary products due to how bad my periods were with heavy bleeding and constant cramps… where all one can do is take painkillers and use lots of sanitary products, which ends up being expensive.” 

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