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New Pokie and Roll restaurant promotes healthy eating on-the-go

By Tracy Winu Landu Nov 1, 2019

A family-run poke, sushi and bento restaurant, Pokie and Roll has opened in Apple Market to encourage locals to eat healthier on the go.

The restaurant infuses Hawaiian poke, which is diced raw fish, with the ingredients of Japanese sushi and bento food. The key feature of the restaurant is that customers can fill and customise their bowl with all of these foods, which encompasses their tagline, #RockingTheBowl.

Anthony Bitar, owner of Pokie and Roll said: “The reason behind the business was primarily to have this grab-and-go concept that was very down to earth, but at the same time was very health-centric.”

Bitar, who works alongside his brothers, David and Vince added: “The biggest comment we’ve seen is that people have been waiting for this type of cuisine.”

Pokie and Roll cater to various preferences, such as vegans or those who want more protein in their diet.  Customers can choose the size of the bowl, a base ingredient such as brown rice or salad, add their protein such as fish or meat, vegetables and then finish it off with a sauce and toppings, which can be served either hot or cold.

The design of the restaurant has made it easy for those on their travels to dine in or eat on the go, which has already been popular among students as well as members of the public.

Jenny Sui, a Business Management student said: “Pokie and Roll are delicious. What I most loved about it was that it’s super healthy. They’re very generous with their portions.”

Frankie Bergamin, a Slimming World Consultant from Hampton Wick said: “The food was delicious. I’d recommend it for people looking for healthy fast food options. I’ll be going there again.”

The trio who also own the Moulin Rouge Café on Castle Street hopes to open more restaurants in London but decide to open Pokie and Roll when they recognised that there was a lack of healthy fast-food options for locals. As part of the Keep It Kingston Scheme, they offer a 10% to anyone that works or studies in Kingston.

The business is also doing its best to help the environment by using only environmentally friendly packaging. Bitar said: “That’s our twist to Pokie and Roll. We want to do whatever helps the people and helps the environment.”

Pokie and Roll are open Monday to Sunday from 8:30 am for coffee and Japanese cheesecake, and serve food from 10:30 am till 7:30 pm.

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