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KU student loses case against TalkTalk

By River Reporter Oct 31, 2012

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A KU student has lost a court case against the telecommunication company TalkTalk, who she claimed caused her to fail her second year by failing to provide her with a promised internet service.

Zaneta Salamon, 27, a third year psychology student from Ashford, had no representation at Staines County Court. Mrs Salamon believed that TalkTalk should pay her £3,375 in damages for the academic year she failed, as she claimed to have never received a modem.

“I needed internet for my psychology course. No internet made me travel to university and have someone look after my daughter,” Mrs Salamon told the court.

“It’s not just university being destroyed but a whole life. I worked hard to get to university,” she said tearfully.

TalkTalk’s financial settlement

The company agreed to refund Mrs Salamon £68.35 for all the bills she paid for the internet service that she never received.

The defendants also offered to pay £1,500 as a settlement before the verdict but Mrs Salamon declined.

The claimant started a contract with TalkTalk in February 2011 and switched to Virgin Media last September.

Family problems for Mrs Salamon

On February 2 2011, Mrs Salamon told the court her husband went to hospital after suffering breathing problems. Later, her child stopped eating and drinking for a week.

The court decided that these reasons were more likely to have caused her academic failure.

District Judge Trigg said: “Not having (internet) access would have an effect on Mrs Salamon’s studies. However, her husband being hospitalised with suspicion of a heart attack and the illness of her daughter are more likely to explain why she failed three subjects.”

‘No connection to breach of contact’

Defence barrister, Simon Hunter, said that the claimant was going through stressful times but her academic problems had no connection to breach of contract.

He added that even if the modem had not been sent then Mrs Salamon should have bought one herself and the broadband would have immediately worked. 

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