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Who is the KU Students’ Union President?

By River Reporter Nov 23, 2012

Konstantinos Lianos
More than 70 per cent of KU students do not know who their Students’ Union President is, a survey revealed.
The River carried out a poll in which a photo of KUSU President, Sean Kelly, was shown to 100 students. The results showed that 71 per cent of KU students do not know who he is.
Only 29 per cent of students knew Sean Kelly while 17 per cent could not even guess who the man in the photo was.
Joanne Romaniuk, 21, a third year media and cultural studies student said: “It’s because not many students like to get involved with the running of the University due to the stress and worry of keeping up with their University work.”
Benedict Morrissey, a third-year KU student said: “The University doesn’t really talk about KUSU members.”
Findings showed that 12 per cent of students thought the man in the picture was an actor, with the most popular guess being Matt Damon.
Mr Kelly was not available for comment.

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