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Should Qatar be hosting the 2022 World Cup?

By Jude Currie Nov 9, 2022
Mandatory Credit: Photo by snapshot-photography/F Boillot/Shutterstock (13488749c) Amnesty International Germany is protesting against ongoing human rights violations in the host country with an art campaign in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on the occasion of the upcoming soccer World Cup in Qatar. /Amnesty International Germany protests with an art action in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on the Occasion of the upcoming World Cup in Qatar against ongoing human rights violations in the host country. Amnesty International Protests against Human Rights Violations in Qatar, berlin, berlin, germany - 23 Oct 2022

In 2010, the race to hold the 2022 FIFA World Cup took place with the USA, Australia, Japan and South Korea in the running. To the surprise and dismay of many, Qatar managed to gain the majority of votes from the 22-member Executive Committee.

Why of all the countries to host the World Cup, was a nation with almost no football history, and prehistoric laws hosting such a significant event?

During the 2010 bidding process to nominate the hosts of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, the media started to pick up on allegations of corruption and bribery.

Yellow Boycott Qatar banner
Boycott Qatar 2022 banner in stadium. Photo: Hollandse Hoogte/Shutterstock

The BBC broadcast the documentary FIFA’s Dirty Secrets, which investigated accusations about the bidding process.

Sixteen of the 22 FIFA executives who voted for Qatar to host the tournament, have either been banned, accused of or indicted for criminal corruption, and ethical violations, including former FIFA President Sepp Blatter.

In 2014, Michael Garcia, a high-profile US attorney, resigned as FIFA’s Chief Ethics Editor after a summary of the report was published which he felt contained errors.

The report was eventually released in 2017, but despite revealing a “culture of entitlement” at FIFA and evidence of serious alleged irregularities it didn’t recommend annulling the vote.

Alleged corruption around the World Cup is however only one of the controversies surounding the Qatar tournament. Accusations of modern slavery, substandard living environments and the neglect of stadium construction workers have also been documented by Amnesty International and other organisations.

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