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Students invited to take part in Taste of Kingston

By Chris Dudek Nov 26, 2021
Poster reading 'Taste of Kingston'

Students who are curious about food traditions will be able to celebrate cuisine from all over the world at the Taste of Kingston event.

From November 24 to 28, the Creative Youth charity is hosting an initiative
involving local Kingston businesses, allowing them to showcase their food and drinks through a range of activities.

“Taste of Kingston is taking over Kingston, from brilliant lunch spots like The Cheeky Pea, to bustling restaurants like Chakra and Hache and buzzing bars like The Fighting Cocks and Woody’s.”

Daniel Cartlidge, creative projects and marketing coordinator.

The event will encourage people of all ages, including students, to get involved and be creative through art workshops and spray painting.

“The Undercroft workshop and mural is going to be the centre of all activity. From there we can direct you anywhere on the trail or tell you what is happening that day,” said Daniel Cartlidge, the creative projects and marketing coordinator.

People walking around the Market Place. Photo: Chris Dudek

Since September, Kingston’s town centre has seen a lot more students in comparison to last year as the university has returned to mostly on-campus teaching.

Beth Friebel, media and communication student, said: “This is very exciting. I have not seen anything at uni about this, but Kingston definitely needs events like this.

“I will take some friends and go and see what this is about.”

The event is inviting KU students to try foods that they are likely not to be very
familiar with.

Anjeni Khusul, media and communication student said: “I can’t cook very well, so it will be exciting to see what there is to eat. I will learn something new.”

“I will go and see, as it’s fun to have an event like that happening in Kingston,” said dance student Jess Arnold.

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