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Scream (2022) – How meta is too meta?

Ghostface Killer is back from the dead, reviving the tradition of murder sprees in the town of Woodsboro.  Despite being the fifth entry in the saga, the latest film, simply titled Scream, feels distinctly different [more…]

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La La Land captures the essence of cinema

If you haven’t seen La La Land you might be confused by what all the noise is about. It’s won seven Golden Globes, been nominated for eleven BAFTA awards and is one of the bookies’ favourites to [more…]

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Review: It Follows

4/5 Stars It Follows was the breakout film from the Cannes Film Festival in 2014, labelled the “metaphorical coming-of-age” at its world premiere. Based in the suburbs of Detroit, the indie horror film is both original [more…]

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Nightcrawler kicks off the movie awards season in fine style

Jake Gyllenhaal delivers a performance to die for in Nightcrawler – a topical and deeply disturbing look at the darker side of TV news The camera pans over a dusk-veiled Los Angeles, catching in its frame empty streets, shadowy palm [more…]

Review: The Host

In a post-Twilight world, can another story from its author take up the mantel and create a new saga that will be loved by millions? Max Parker The ‘hosts’ have taken over. Most of the [more…]

Review: Movie 43

A review of ‘the worst film’ ever made, Movie 43. But with A-list celebrities featuring frequently in the story, does it live up to that? James Garwood Movie 43, hailed as one of the worst [more…]