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The wait is over! Adele is back

By Chris Dudek Nov 9, 2021
Adele singing on stageAdele performing on stage at Glastonbury Festival. Credits: Richard Isaac Shuttershock.

Go… eeeeaassy… with me… I think we all know where I am going with this… So here we go…

Adele is finally back and her new album, titled 30, which launches on November 19. Her fans are extremely excited.

Autumn is a fitting time for students to enjoy her heart wrenching ballads. They also compliment university assignment deadlines which can also cause a few tears. It is safe to say that Adele has got you covered for an excuse to cry.

Judging by the first official single from the album we are expecting a lot of personal poignant songs. Everyone seems to find these songs relatable, with some fans turning the music videos into viral memes, like the famous windy Hello music video. 

Adele will be headlining the BST Hyde Park festival next year, where she will perform on two dates in London’s famous park in July 2022.

Here are my personal top five Adele songs so far. Enjoy that good cry.

Number 5- Rolling in the Deep

Number 4– Chasing Pavements

Number 3- Love In The Dark

Number 2- Someone Like You

Number 1- Hello

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