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Mental health: External speakers offer advice at special event

By Elizaveta Shchigireva Oct 12, 2022

A series of lightning talks took place at Penrhyn Road campus this week prompted by World Mental Health Day.

KU students had a chance to attend a free event where a number speakers gave advice on how to protect and improve your mental well-being.

This year’s talks focused on loneliness, empathy, the importance of nutrition and fitness as well as ways to reduce stress and the mental health services available for people from all walks of life. 

Renata Kaminska, one of the external speakers and an author of books for children said: “One of the elements that impact our wellbeing is empathy. The more we are empathetic, the easier it is to share our emotions and to understand better the feelings of others. Being able to help each other with our struggles creates a positive impact.”

Throughout the day students took part in helpful discussions and were able to ask the experts for advice on any personal matters that concern their mental health. A light lunch with refreshments was provided to everyone who attended. 

Second year psychology student Benedicta Jalloh who wattended the event said: “I think it is really good for Kingston students to have a World Mental Health Day. Students suffer from stress, anxiety and other mental related problems but won’t necessarily know how to deal with it. Being able to find solutions on how to manage mental health will help people to be happier and more confident in themselves.”

KU students found the event very useful l and look forward to similar events in the future.

Psychology student, Natalia Fox said: “Today I learned how physical and mental health are linked, also some new stress managing techniques and breathing exercises.

“I am really glad I came and I will try to encourage more students to come in the future because attending talks like this helps to reduce the stigma around mental health.”

The Student Counselling and Wellbeing team offers a range of services to support you during your time at Kingston University. This includes self-help guides, counselling, drop-in sessions, listening sessions and stress management. For more information visit the website

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