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The world reacts to Drake’s More Life

By Nikki Onafuye Mar 24, 2017
Drake releases his highly anticipated 22 track playlist Photo: Rex Features

As Drake releases his latest project, More Life, Twitter goes wild over the 22-track album which features Grime UK artists Giggs, Skepta and US rappers Quavo, Young thug, 2 Chainz and Kanye West.

The highly anticipated album has been in works for two years. Although Drake isn’t calling it an album – social media is!

With everyone tuning in to the Canadian’s radio station, it was clear Drake was about to shutdown Twitter and the reactions from his fans were hilarious.

When Drake first introduced the album on OVO Sound radio, the timeline went crazy as Drake said:

And then when the first track ‘Free Smoke’ started playing..

After Drake’s rapping on the hardcore baseline beat, the album went into UK mode as ‘No Long Talk’ was the next song to be played featuring British veteran rapper, Giggs.

By then, Drake had everyone hyped over his album, just two tracks in. Giggs also features on track ‘KMT’ which had Americans even more confused than ever.

The canadian singer then took us to a tropical island, imagining we are sipping a pina colada on the beach as he plays the upbeat ‘Passionfruit’.

Now it is no secret that Drake is a huge fan of the UK scene and artists. So when we heard ‘Beautiful Little Fools‘ singer Jorja Smith on two tracks – ‘Jorja Interlude’ and ‘Get It Together’ we weren’t surprised that UK artists are taking over the album.

Drake upped the tempo in these next few tracks. ‘Madiba Riddim‘ is one that you will not be able to stay still while listening to it.

The same goes for the following song ‘Blem’ which caused controversy on Twitter on where the word established from. The term actually means getting high on marijuana. It is used as a UK slang word but originated from the Caribbean.

Drake is used to talking about two things. Being the greatest and girls. And ‘Blem’ is a great example of both as he says, ‘”Don’t switch on me, I’ve got big things,” and “Don’t go back to your ex, he’s a wasteman.”

Then we hear a snippet from rapper Lil Wayne introducing the next song…

Now the album slows down with the sweet tone from Sampha in ‘4422’. A more mellow track compared to the other high beat rhythms. One to listen to in bed at night.

Again, a British artist who Drake has had a huge relationship with. This would be the pair’s third collaboration after 2013’s ‘Too Much’ and ‘The Motion’.

Doing what he knows best, the canadian rapper goes back to his up beat songs with ‘Gyalchester’.

The title of this one sent the fans wild. The album is full of different genres. Drake switches genres with ease through the tracks and from ‘4422’ to ‘Gyalchester’ was a great example of this. Like he says in the song, “I switch flows like I switch time zones.” And boy does he do it well!

Yes you guessed it: Gyalchester = Manchester + girls.

I am sure you have guessed by now how obsessed Drake is with the UK.

The tenth track on the album was presented to us by UK grime artist Skepta titled ‘Skepta Interlude’Skepta is a genius at what he does so before the track was started or even finished, everyone knew it was pure amazing.

When the next song, ‘Portland’played, the first line had everyone screaming and a few girls hiding their phones as he opens the tune with “My side girl got the 5s with the screen cracked…”

Featuring US rappers Quavo and Travis Scott, the song also has a recorder instrumental towards the end. Who knew an instrument you used to play in year 6 would come back into fashion? Drake, you legend!

The album is tune after tune.

‘Sacrifices’ was up next with another double feature from US rappers 2 Chainz and Young Thug.

After all those rumours between himself and Jennifer lopez, we now understand why the pair were spending so much time together. He samples her hit song ‘If You Had My Love’ on one of the most romantic songs on the album, ‘Teenage Fever’. Talking about leaving your ex and moving on to a new relationship, the feeling you get when you are around your crush, the butterflies in your stomach and pure young love – we witnessed the soft, loving, romantic, ‘Take Care’ Drake in this track. One to listen to when you’ve just left bae’s house and you miss him already.

After a few more sad songs, Drake did the unthinkable and put Kanye on the album. After Kanye went on a rant about drake being played on the radio too much, we were shocked to see this collab between the two on track ‘Glow’.

As the album came to an end, a club favourite ‘Fake Love’ as track 20.

Then the magical album ends with ‘Do Not Disturb’This song was an ode to the fans, drake pouring out his feelings and how his previous album Views was a different side to him. Hence why he calls this album a ‘playlist’ and ‘the soundtrack to his life’. 

And now he is ready to take some time off to reconnect with himself. Drake don’t go anywhere please!

More Life is a great album. The best of the year so far. It is definitely one to binge listen to without skipping a track. Whether your’e having holiday blues, boy or girl troubles, you’re angry or just plain lonely – this album is definitely for you.

Thank you Drake and More Life.

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